About Agrisjå

The agricultural fair in Stjørdal has long-standing traditions, but in its current form, it was first held in 1982. In most of the years, the name was Trøndersk Landbruk, but from 2006, the name was changed to Agrisjå.

The owner of Agrisjå is the company Trøndersk Landbruk AS, which in turn is owned by Tine SA, Nortura SA and Felleskjøpet Agri SA together with local and regional agricultural organizations.

The board of Trøndersk Landbruk AS and arrangements committee for Agrisjå 2017:
Jan Yngvar Kiel, Trondheim
Ase Helene Monsø, Stjørdal
Endre Stakkerud, Sørum
Astrid Liland, Oslo

Manager/CEO for Agrisjå/Trøndersk Landbruk AS:
Ole T. Hofstad

Management team for Agrisjå 2017:
Ole T. Hofstad – manager/CEO
Odd Petter Haugseth – Technical coordinator
Helge Kyllo – Machine exhibition coordinator
Ingeborg Forbregd – livestock, activities and program
Inger Smågård – economy, tickets and traffic
Eva Anita Rømo – traffic, parking and safety
Margit Elverum – Office and Information